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Terms and conditions


General terms and conditions of the site


Access to this site and use of its services is subject to the general terms and conditions set forth below and to those of a particular nature that appear in its chapters (the Terms and Conditions). If you continue (the User) the visit of this site, it will be understood that you agree with the Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, if you carry out electronic commerce activities, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated by Digital Experiences The content of this site, information, wording, software, email addresses, graphics, statistics, is owned by Digital Experiences, and is protected by national laws on intellectual property and / or copyright. The user rescinds all intellectual property and conforms to Digital Experiences, free of royalties, perpetual use, display and reproduction of reports, information, or works derived from any material you have sent to our site. Infringements to the Terms and Conditions will give the right to remove the quality of the registered user to the offenders. Commitment of the user The user undertakes to keep Digital Experiences safe and not to compromise it in actions, claims, demands or responsibilities derived from the violation of the present terms and conditions. The user is responsible for any statement made or act occurred through the use of his username and password. You must not send or disclose inappropriate, infringing, obscene, fraudulent, defamatory, threatening, or that discloses intimacies and personal matters, or violates the rights of any citizen. You can not take the identity of Digital Experiences or send and transmit advertising and promotional materials in the forum of our site. Our service Our site is a medium of information, specialized in management of marketing services, mobility, operating systems and web, where advertising, electronic commerce, and online communications are provided, provided by Digital Experiences, or by its sources in the case of information and assumes acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions. Our site is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by the use of the information we provide. We do not guarantee the veracity or validity of this information, nor that said information has not been altered, after its insertion in the site. Digital Experiences is limited to providing a means to publish offers of goods and services, and communication between Users and suppliers of those goods and services (the “Suppliers”) and authorization of payments made by credit card or against reimbursement. Therefore Digital Experiences does not assume responsibility for any of them, such as quality, quantity, condition, origin, nor the capacity to contract and solvency of the buyer. Our site is not responsible for the inviolability of the data transmitted by public telecommunications networks, or any other means of telematic information. Digital Experiences and its customers and their information providers are not responsible for the content of the “friendly sites”, or links to other sites, since there is no control over the material and the veracity of what is published in other sites. sites Our site is not obligated to provide any equipment or software program to access the service.

Use of the service


Digital Experiences reserves the right to eliminate or modify any information, communication, download material or message that in its opinion violates usage policies. The publication, transmission of any material is prohibited without the prior written consent of its author. If authorized, the user of the material or information must mention the author in all cases. All information and material sent by the User will be granted without any economic benefit or without any physical compensation, except agreement between parties, Digital Experiences acquires perpetual, free, non-exclusive license, with the right to publish, transmit, reproduce and publicly exhibit. Digital Experiences is a registered trademark, and any trademark or logo that is published on the site belongs to Digital Experiences, or to third parties and the User may not use them without prior notice from the Owner.

Online privacy


Digital Experiences is responsible for the privacy of the truthful information delivered by the User, will not disclose, or share this information without the user’s consent, except when required by law or at the request of the government; In turn, it disclaims all responsibility for the information provided to “friendly sites”, which the user could access through links. Digital Experiences will use your personal information, name, address, email, credit card number, only for marketing purposes, Services, to determine demographic data of its users, obtain statistical and market information, but without revealing this information, which Agrobit.com considers confidential, to third parties. Digital Experiences may send emails to Users destined to confirm their registration, inform them of the status of their account, or inform them of the modifications or updates or promotions made on the site. If the User wishes to be excluded from this list, he must forward the message with REMOVE in the subject. It is the objective of Digital Experiences to protect the information that it considers confidential provided by its Users.

Children’s Privacy

The security of the data provided by minors is very important, therefore Digital Experiences does not share personal information of users under 13 years old with any other company, nor does it sell or rent personal information, and the consent to do so is not requested . Digital Experiences considers that minors may not be able to understand or understand the privacy policy, or decide on some relevant data, so their parents, guardians or adults in charge of minors are invited to access Digital Experiences and actively participate in the child’s browsing on the Internet, and educate them so that the child learns to manage their privacy. Important: If a minor is benefited in a contest organized by Digital Experiences the notification and the respective prize will be sent to parents, guardians or dependents. They should not send any personal information without the prior consent of their parents, guardians or dependents.