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Unique experiences for your brand with Augmented Reality

Are you looking to capture the attention and engage your audience, using trending technologies like Augmented Reality?


Are you tired of the time and money it takes to launch a marketing campaign?



The augmented reality increases the impact of your brand, gets notoriety through campaigns that allow the participation and interaction with consumers, achieving brand awareness.


VIUR is an augmented reality platform to create marketing campaigns for companies that want to know their audience, create unique experiences and reward their fans. All through multimedia content, interactive 3D models and call-to-actions like coupons, gifts and promotions.


access with a username and password with internet.

Create Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns in less than 10 minutes

to accelerate your brand awareness or the number of customers.

Real-time analytics

see important data regarding campaign performance, number of clicks, geo-localization and more.

Content Management System

where you will be able to upload, edit, manage, delete and modify your contents as many times as you want.

Available in

iOS and Android. (Android V4 and iOS 8 and newer versions).


for tablets, iPhone or Android.

Our AR solutions enable the next features:

To increase brand awareness:

  • Video
  • Animated 3D models


  • Click to call
  • Send e-mail
  • Buy
  • Download coupon
  • See discounts
  • Go to website
  • Go to Social Media

Augmented Reality Solutions

VIUR app

Take advantage of the VIUR technology with the VIUR brand

White label

Take advantage of the VIUR technology with your own brand.

Create a campaign in less than 10 minutes.


Upload the image to be scanned


select interactions to be executed


analyze results and optimize campaing

Partners Program

We develop partnerships with those who understand their market as well as their culture, and that are able to locally address their needs.

We are constantly looking for startups, scaleups, agencies and business allies that are eager to innovate and spread technology throughout day-to-day activities. This is why at VIUR, we have developed a reseller scheme specifically designed for those who want to advertise and sell Augmented Reality. If you want to know more about this program, feel free to contact us straightaway


The Benefits of VIUR

The companies that use VIUR's Augmented Reality solutions are more likely to:

Improve customer engagement

• Instantly rewarding them

• Establishing a direct 1 to 1 contact

• Building a deep sense of customer loyalty

Increase sales

• With direct and instant purchasing actions

• Generating points of sale

Improve advertising return on investment

• Increasing conversion rates

Getting new users

• In Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and more social media

• App download and traffic to website